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Old County Courthouse
9 Park Street, P.O. Box 1500
Fonda, NY 12068
Phone: 518.853.8334
Fax: 518.853.8336

Business Development Center Staff
Ken Rose, Director
Sheila Snell
Alex Kuttesch
Andrew Santillo
Vinnie Nicosia
Karl Gustafson, Jr.

Montgomery County IDA
Matt Beck, Chairman
Carol Shineman, Vice-Chair
Bob Harris, Teasurer
Mark Kowalczyk
Amanda Auriccho, Esq.
Laurie Weingart
Cheryl Reese

Montgomery County Planning Board
Wayne DeMaille, Chairperson, District 5
Mark Hoffman, Vice-Chairperson, District 2
Angela Frederick, District 1
John Lyker, District 3 
Dave Wiener, District 4
Irene Collins, District 6
District 7 vacant
Ronald Jemmott, District 8
Erin Covey, District 9
Vacant, Alternate
Betty Sanders, Alternate

Montgomery County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Board
Roy Dykeman, Active Farmer
Dave Rivkovich, Active Farmer
Michael Cole, Active Farmer
Robert Harris, Active Farmer
James Hoffman, Agribusiness
Martin Kelly, Montgomery County Legislator
Kenneth Rose, Director of Economic Development/Planning
Tom Nelson, Farm Bureau
Corey Nellis, Montgomery County Soil and Water
Christine DePasquale, Director of Real Property
Russ Kelly, Cornell Cooperative Extension