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Old County Courthouse
9 Park Street, P.O. Box 1500
Fonda, NY 12068
Phone: 518.853.8334
Fax: 518.853.8336

Business Development Center Staff
Ken Rose, Director
Sheila Snell
Alex Kuttesch
Andrew Santillo
Vinnie Nicosia
Karl Gustafson, Jr.
Stephanie Battisti

Montgomery County IDA
Matt Beck, Chairman
Carol Shineman, Vice-Chair
Mark Kowalczyk
Amanda Auricchio, Esq.
Laurie Weingart
Cheryl Reese
Brent Phetteplace

Montgomery County Planning Board
Wayne DeMaille, Chairperson, District 5
Mark Hoffman, Vice-Chairperson, District 2
Angela Frederick, District 1
Dave Wiener, District 4
Irene Collins, District 6
Doug Stahura, District 7
Ronald Jemmott, District 8
Erin Covey, District 9
Vacant, Alternate
Betty Sanders, Alternate

Montgomery County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Board
Roy Dykeman, Active Farmer
Dave Rivkovich, Active Farmer
Michael Cole, Active Farmer
James Hoffman, Agribusiness
Martin Kelly, Montgomery County Legislator
Kenneth Rose, Director of Economic Development/Planning
Tom Nelson, Farm Bureau
Corey Nellis, Montgomery County Soil and Water
Christine DePasquale, Director of Real Property
Russ Kelly, Cornell Cooperative Extension