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Vision and cooperation

Vision and cooperation have helped Montgomery County become an economic success story and a place where companies and families can build a future. Today the county is a crossroads of commerce, attracting name brand companies and diverse employment opportunities. Major national brands like Amazon, Target, Dollar General, and Beech- Nut Foods, as well as legacy local businesses like Alpin Haus, Hill & Markes and Keymark Kasson Keller are finding success here.

Lee Shops

Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square

Executive Group

Executive Group, Inc.

Wood Floor

Flooring Authority

Amsterdam Print and Litho

Amsterdam Printing and Litho

Hill and Markes

Hill & Markes Inc.

Beech-Nut Headquarters


Target Distribution Center


St. Marys Healthcare

St. Mary’s Healthcare

Fulton Montgomery Community College (FMCC)

Fulton-Montgomery Community College

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