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County Demographics


Population Estimate

Population estimate July 1, 2022.


Housing Units

Housing units, July 1, 2022.

0 %

Owner-Occupied Housing

Owner-occupied housing unit rate, 2017-2021.

$ 0

Value of Owner-occupied Housing

Median value of owner-occupied housing units.


Median Gross Rent

Median gross rent of housing.



Families and living arrangements.

0 %

High School Graduate or Higher

High school graduate or higher, age 25 years +.

0 %

Bachelor's Degree or Higher

Percent of persons age 25 years+

0 %

Total Civilian Labor Force

Percent of population age 16 years+.

$ 0

Accomm. & Food Service Sales

Total accommodation and food services sales.

$ 0

Total Retail Sales

Total county retail sales.

$ 0

Retail Sales

Total retail sales per capita.

$ 0

Median Household Income

Median household income (in 2021 dollars).


Total Employer's

Total county employer establishments.


Total Employment

County total employment.

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