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Executive Group Finds Amsterdam A Good Fit for HQ – *The Recorder

By Tyler A. McNeil
Millwork carpenters Lance Orcutt and Roland Mann were stranded in Orlando, Florida, without a place to stay nor enough money to get back home to the Mohawk Valley.

As third-tier subcontractors, when an upper-tier subcontractor was booted from a hotel project for lacking payroll support, they were, too. As a result, they had to vacate their company rental after more than a month without pay.

Thanks to some onsite networking, they were able to get a free hotel room within a day and eventually got hired for two weeks under the project’s general contractor. Afterward, the general contractor promised Orcutt and Mann more work if they became a limited liability company.
Soon after, they registered “Executive Trim Construction” as an LLC and borrowed $5,000 from their mothers, respectively, to buy company equipment. Their hotel room was a makeshift office. They took the job.

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