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112 Year Old Company Awarded High Website Ranking By Industry Expert

Hill & Markes eCommerce Website Ranked Top 11 for Janitorial/Sanitation
112 Year Old Company Awarded High Website Ranking By Industry Expert

Amsterdam, NY: Hill & Markes, family-owned wholesale distributor, launched their new eCommerce website in 2016. Two years later, Apruve, credit management software for B2B eCommerce, ranked Hill & Markes in the Top 15 on their Janitorial/Sanitation eCommerce Rating Report Top 50.

“When creating Apruval ratings, we showcase how each business did for B2B needs, user experience, and Marketing. To help eliminate biases in these categories we create a wide variety of measures that we measure from 1 to 10 on their execution of the item being graded. These individual rankings take in consideration specific eCommerce features, navigation, SEO of the site, a variety of other metrics driven from current B2B eCommerce trends,” said Matthew Osborn, Senior Marketing Manager at Apruve. “When we tallied up all companies, Hill & Markes exceeded the average industry scores and ranked 11th for most points in the industry.”

Hill & Markes prides itself on its user-friendly shopping experience. Customer adoption was a key priority in year one. Year two introduced customer-specific functionalities to make the ordering, shopping, and navigation on the website a seamless experience. Inc. Here’s how Hill & Markes provides the ultimate online experience for customers:

• Customized Shopping List: Hill & Markes implemented a shopping list functionality that allows customers to create a small list of frequently ordered products. This eliminates the need to scroll through hundreds of products when you only want to order a small batch.
• Saved Cart Functionality: Hill & Markes offers a saved cart functionality that allows you to save product and quantity each time you order on a monthly/weekly/ or annual basis. You can adjust the quantities as needed.
• Side-by-Side Product Comparison: This tool allows you to compare up to five items side-by-side and highlight similarities.
• Industry Blog: Hill & Markes offers informative blog posts related to specific market segments to demonstrate industry expertise and increase SEO.
• Multi-Level Approval Process: This feature allows for managers to approve employee orders.
• Mobile Online Ordering App: Stay tuned… coming soon!
“When designing this website, it was imperative that we included functionality that meets the needs of the new B2B buyer,” said Mike Powers, eCommerce Manager at Hill & Markes. “Whether it’s a millennial or someone who frequently orders online, we wanted to provide them with a website that was easy to use and provided rich product information.”

About Hill & Markes Inc.: Hill & Markes is a 112 year old family-owned wholesale distributor servicing the state of New York and Vermont with industrial janitorial products, food service, packaging, clean foods and office supplies. The Hill & Markes family strongly believes in providing cutting edge solutions for customers. #DevelopingStronger

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