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RELEASE: County Officials, Business Leaders Launch “Buy It In Montgomery” Campaign Promoting Local Businesses, Unveil New Logo

Initiative Will Develop and Promote a Comprehensive Online Business Directory, Encourages Consumers to Shop at Montgomery County Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus 

Buy It In Montgomery Logo

County Executive Matt Ossenfort (right) and Business Development Center CEO Ken Rose unveil the new “Buy It In Montgomery” logo.

(AMSTERDAM, NY) – With the global Coronavirus pandemic having left many local businesses, especially small businesses, facing unprecedented economic hardship, a new initiative launched today that will help jumpstart the local economy. The Montgomery County Business Development Center’s new “Buy It In Montgomery” campaign is intended to help promote local businesses and help get friends and neighbors back on their feet.

At a press conference with local officials and business leaders, Montgomery County Executive Matthew L. Ossenfort unveiled the new “Buy It In Montgomery” logo and discussed the components of the campaign that will be anchored by a new online business directory to help connect consumers with local Montgomery County businesses, products and services.

“Over the past few months, our community’s response to the pandemic has exemplified why Montgomery County is such a special place to live, work and raise a family,” said County Executive Ossenfort. “Businesses large and small have stepped up to help neighbors in need during this crisis. Now it’s time for us to do the same for our local businesses. Every small business represents years of hard work, passion and investment. By focusing on buying local, we can help reignite our economy and keep strengthening our county.

“It’s important that we continue to engage in necessary social distancing and PPE guidelines, but companies of all sizes are getting back to work and the ‘Buy It In Montgomery’ campaign will encourage our residents and those traveling through the county to take advantage of all our business community has to offer,” Ossenfort said.

“We know we’re ‘Stronger Together’ and now is the time to demonstrate that. Whether it is the local hardware store, a favorite family-owned restaurant, salon or specialty shop, businesses of all sizes need our support to help ensure they survive this pandemic and come out stronger. With this program, the Business Development Center is working to raise the profile of our local business community through direct-to-consumer advertising, targeted online outreach and other tactics. With this approach we know we can help our local businesses exceed their pre-Coronavirus position,” said Montgomery County Business Development Center CEO Ken Rose.

The “Buy It In Montgomery” campaign will include an array of methods that all center around promoting county-based businesses. Local businesses who want to participate will be given a special “Buy It In Montgomery” logo to display in their windows so customers can know they’re patronizing a place unique to Montgomery County. Billboard advertisements will also encourage people to shop at county businesses. An online business directory is also being developed where businesses will be able to market their goods and services in a user-friendly format for the public.

“Buying local is part of the foundation, part of the economic heartbeat of our community.  If we as a community do not support each other during this recession and during a time of unemployment not seen since the Great Depression, companies across the county will not have a fighting chance to remain viable, successful businesses. While each of us have been conditioned to buy from easy to use websites like, it is important to pause and find out if your neighbor has the product or service you are looking for. Take that extra step. Take a little extra time to support local. Thank you to County Executive Matt Ossenfort, Ken Rose, and your team of hard-working public servants,” said Jason Packer, CEO of Hill & Markes Inc.

“We have been in business since 1971, and this is the first time we have been closed for three months. It had been a hardship. We have used the time to update our shop, adopt social media platforms and new marketing techniques. In order to stay in business, we must be creative and cater to our loyal customers while reaching out to a new clientele. Small businesses like ours are the backbone of the community and in order to sustain relationships we must stay innovative and offer specialty brands at very reasonable prices. The big box stores grew around us increasing traffic to the area, yet our customers seek a unique shopping experience and return for our personal service. Stop in to see us, buy it in Montgomery County, and visit the small family owned businesses who are the heart of the community,” said Antonia Lanzi-D’Agostino and Amy Lanzi, co-owners of Chatter Box Boutique.

Participation in the “Buy It In Montgomery” campaign is open to all businesses in Montgomery County. Businesses looking to sign up, obtain a window cling and be included on the new online directory should contact


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