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RELEASE: County Officials Optimistic About Potential Amazon Investment

(AMSTERDAM, NY) — In another sign that Montgomery County is becoming a major center of private investment and economic opportunity, the Montgomery County Planning Board today approved the site plan application referral from the Town of Florida Planning Board for Amazon to locate a “Last Mile” distribution center along Route 5S, near the Florida Business Park and the Florida Business Park Extension. The project is additional exciting news for Montgomery County, which has worked hard to develop the 5S corridor into a thriving economic engine.

“As county executive, I’ve worked together with local partners in government like the Town of Florida, to create a climate that is welcoming for businesses and investors. We’ve built strong partnerships between businesses, government and our communities to ensure our economy is diversified and home to a range of employers. As other name-brand companies have before it, Amazon would find Montgomery County a wonderful place to call home. An Amazon facility is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate how business, government and communities can work together to grow jobs, create opportunity and improve people’s quality of life,” said Montgomery County Executive Matthew L. Ossenfort.

“We have worked tirelessly over the past number of years to build a thriving commercial corridor along the Route 5S that’s appealing for all types of businesses – manufacturers, food processors and distributors alike. Having the world’s largest online retailer looking to set up a major facility in Montgomery County is a testament to the strength of the County and local leadership that have made our area attractive for investment. This project would be another example of long-term job creation in the county, improved quality of life and our resilient economy,” said Montgomery County Business Development Center CEO Ken Rose.

Reports indicate that Amazon’s proposed facility could add over 100 jobs to the local economy, which would be another big boost for Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. County officials have vowed to monitor developments around the proposal, including necessary traffic upgrades and other potential variables associated with the project.


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