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Mancini Oil Co.

For Immediate Release:

Mancini Oil Co. Named Montgomery County’s October Small Business of the Month.

Released: October 30, 2020

Business: Mancini Oil Co.

Contact: Andrew Santillo

Phone: (518) 853-8334

Company Provides Round the Clock Service to Keep Customers Warm.

(FONDA, NY) – For nearly five decades, Mancini Oil Co. has been keeping local families in Montgomery County warm with 24/7 availability, quality products and customer service with compassion and respect.

The family-owned and operated company based in Fonda supplies customers with home heating oil, kerosene, on- and off-road diesel for area farms, commercial and manufacturing companies, as well as maintenance services for home and commercial heating systems. To thank the company for their efforts, Mancini Oil has been selected as Montgomery County’s October Small Business of the Month by County Executive Matt Ossenfort and the Montgomery County Business Development Center.

“Whenever you talk to someone about the Mancini family and Mancini Oil it’s their hard work and dedication that comes up first. Customers always say it isn’t about doing business for Tom and his team, it’s about taking care of friends and neighbors in need. That personal relationship is what makes Mancini Oil so special and it’s why I’m proud to recognize them as our October Small Business of the Month,” said County Executive Ossenfort.

When they were nominated earlier this year, one of Mancini Oil’s customer’s shared their personal experience, saying, “Mancini Oil is truly a 24-hour operation and [they] will drop anything to make sure their customers’ needs are met. They work weekends, holidays, they even take middle-of-the-night calls. During snowstorms, thunderstorms, and windstorms Mancini Oil will still come as quick as they can to make sure their customers have a running furnace, hot water, or even a plowed driveway…Mancini Oil truly is an outstanding business and I cannot think of a more hardworking and dedicated family owned business to nominate.”

Tom Mancini Sr. and Tom Mancini Jr. took over the business from its founder, Alphonso in 2010 when he retired at the age of 80. Today, the company continues to expand its service offerings, as it grows from just a traditional home heating oil delivery company.

“Mancini Oil is one of those ‘life-blood of the community’ companies, always ready to answer the call of a neighbor in distress – even at a late hour, or help a local youth sports team or another deserving cause. Tom and his team are truly emblematic of how customer service can make a company part of the fabric of a community. Mancini Oil is part of Fonda’s family and we’re honored to recognize them in this way,” said Montgomery County Business Development Center CEO Ken Rose.

The small business of the month initiative recognizes local Montgomery County businesses that are making a difference in the community. Anyone wishing to nominate a deserving small business for recognition next month should contact the Montgomery County Business Development Center at 518-853-8334 or email with a brief note about the positive impact the company is making on the community. Nominations can also be submitted by sharing a post and tagging the business on the Business Development Center’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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