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DAIM Logistics Inc.

"The MCBDC was a huge help with past projects like this one, and I have no doubt they will be there when we need them for future projects."
Chris Oare
CEO - Chief Executive Officer

The Land and Resources to Grow

DAIM Logistics is a locally owned and operated transportation, warehousing and full-service logistics company serving customers spread out across all lower 48 states.

DAIM operates a modern, meticulously maintained and growing fleet of 25 over-the-road tractors as well as more than 100 trailers in a variety of configurations.

Chris and Pat Oare founded DAIM, an acronym for Diversified Agricultural and Industrial Markets, in 2001. They had started out their careers in the agricultural field and quickly found their real calling was in the transportation business.

Not traveling far from their roots, they began transporting goods for many agricultural businesses and quickly spread to industrial markets as well.

DAIM has flourished in Montgomery County over the years with an increasingly diverse customer base, which has facilitated the need to grow business while consolidating all operations under one roof.

The Montgomery County Business Development Center put DAIM in the Glen Canal View Business Park, where they could merge the warehouse, office and fleet maintenance facilities into one complex less than two miles from the New York State Thruway, the preeminent transportation corridor in the Northeast.

The MCBDC team helped them select the right site and was instrumental in navigating through the purchase and permitting process. Now, over a year later, the MCBDC is still helping by connecting DAIM and the community in general.

“Going forward, one goal we have is to expand the warehousing sector of the business, which with the right planning could come to fruition very shortly,” DAIM CEO Chris Oare said. “We turned back to the team at the MCBDC, who were eager to help, pitching suggestions, helping to weigh potential consequences and even offering to help secure financing.”

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Oares and their rapid success is emblematic of the drive that makes Montgomery County “Made of Something Stronger.”

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