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"We recently had an opportunity to relocate the millwork shop to Amsterdam and that worked out very well. It was four times the amount of space that we operated in downstate, so we were able to grow that side of the company."
Lance Orcutt

Making a Home

Founded in 2007, Executive Group Inc. began as a two-man operation installing millwork in the New York City-area.

In 2010, as millwork orders and the need for warehouse space was needed, the company moved its headquarters to the City of Amsterdam. Executive Group found an affordable, convenient home to grow and thrive.

Since arriving in 2014, Executive Group has continued to expand and in 2018, the Montgomery County Industrial Development Agency (MICDA) provided the company with a $500,000 loan for purposes of purchasing and renovating its facilities. The loan also assisted with the cost of machinery, equipment, supplies and inventory for the expansion. Utilizing the county’s support and other resources, Executive Group purchased its current building on Shuler Street, in close proximity to its other facility. Their new Shuler Street building provides an additional 200,000 square feet, which in 2019 became a fully automated state-of-the-art millwork facility.

Being in Amsterdam allowed the company room to grow and provided them with a location that was conveniently located to its customer base in the greater New York City area. Now, with more than 80 employees, Executive Group calls Montgomery County home.

Executive Group’s growing operations are an example how New York City businesses are looking to Montgomery County and are finding we’re “Made of Something Stronger.” #MontgomeryCountyWorks

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