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Flooring Authority

"We will promote MCBDC with helping us secure the building and growing the business to anyone we talk to about our new location."
Rosalie Faber
Development Manager

Flooring Made STRONGER

Established in 1987, Flooring Authority, Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial flooring removal, flooring surface preparation, and commercial and industrial flooring removal throughout the greater capital district area. Flooring Authority professional installers are skilled in installing flooring products in diverse venues such as hotels, corporate office spaces, medical centers, restaurants, retail stores and property management sites. Flooring Authority’s portfolio of installations includes carpet, sheet and composite vinyl, and seamless sheet vinyl, which is a preferred method of installation for hospitals and medical facilities. Flooring Authority started out with 4.5 employees when the loan was first approved. Within a year they have added 2 full-time positions as well as 2 interns to help with clerical work.

The warehouse at Flooring Authority is 20,000 SF, with a loading dock and ground level loading door. This allows Flooring Authority to easily receive material on the loading dock, prep for job (cutting rolled goods, pulling together all material and tools), load the delivery truck inside and drive out the ground level door. All material stays at temperature during the winter and loading can be done ahead of time and delivery can be made first thing in the morning.

MCBDC has helped Flooring Authority by keeping their mortgage payment low compared to other financing options, which in turn allows them to invest in growing their business. Flooring Authority has been able to go after larger jobs, partner with a ceramic sub-contractor to provide a total flooring package to general contractors or property managers, and work more efficiently as they now have the space and layout that supports their business needs.

“I would definitely go through MCBDC for another loan if we ever needed one.” said Rosalie owner of Flooring Authority. She also went onto saying that they will promote MCBDC with helping them secure the building and growing the business to anyone that they talk to about their new location.

When asked about why they choose Amsterdam to run their business out of, they pointed out the ease accesses to the thruway, close distance to Capital District and Mohawk Valley, and of course the value of the property and community. This is why Flooring Authority is “Made of Something Stronger.” #DevelopingStronger

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