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Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square

"There is a lot to see here and I say that people do not leave disappointed."
Janet Stanley

Main Street Shopping The Way It Was Meant To Be

Advanced in part through a $400,000 loan from the Montgomery County BDC, Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square, was born out of a desire to diversify a family business help strengthen the job market and economy in western Montgomery County. The Shops, located in Canajoharie, first opened in 2017.

Located in three historic buildings, the block is the perfect fit for the owners’ vision to create a destination for collectors and retailers. The three stores, combined to be known as Lee’s Shops, today include the “Christmas Corner” store that delights with year-round Christmas magic, “Crossroads at Wagner Square,” which offers visitors home goods in a similar style of those found at major retailers like Pottery Barn, Kirkland’s and Pier One Imports and “Freddy Bear,” offers an array of collectables including stuffed bears toys, games, story books and puzzles.

Lee’s Shops maintains a regular staff of four, with additional seasonal help. During the Christmas season, the Shops employ nine elves who assist Santa, who can be found greeting visitors every Thursday night and Saturday afternoon right up until December 23rd.

Beyond the Christmas season, Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square offers year-round gifts and handmade crafts. Lee’s Shops also carries locally made soaps, lotions and sugar scrubs, artisan made jewelry and so much more. With its ‘Charles Dickens style’ and nod to Main Streets of the past, Lee’s Shops at Wagner Square is just another example of why Montgomery County “Made of Something Stronger.” #MontgomeryCountyWorks

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